Israel Holding It’s Ground, Blessed by Water of Life

Here are recent reports posted at (with links to original full length articles). What do these headlines say? The people of “The Land” are planning on living where the Lord said the land was theirs. And recent rains seem a blessing of confirmation … for the water brings life in a region that is full of strife, death, and turmoil … case in point, there is no blessing for Syria and Egypt is not in much better shape and it all gets worse. The Sea of Galilee if filling with the Lord’s blessings on Israel by the bucket full!

HEADLINE: Netanyahu says he will ‘never divide Jerusalem’

Jerusalem will not be divided “so long as I’m prime minister,” Benjamin Netanyahu said in a Monday night Channel 2 broadcast.

HEADLINE: Netanyahu tells Ariel students settlement
will remain in Israel, construction to continue

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the West Bank settlement of Ariel Tuesday, telling students that the city would always remain in Israeli hands and that building in “Israel’s lands” would continue.

The visit to Ariel University was the prime minister’s first foray into the West Bank since kicking off his re-election campaign late last year, and his first to the university since it received a controversial upgrade.

HEADLINE: Israel’s ‘much needed’ rain blessing continues:
Floods and rains bring Tel Aviv to halt;
Sea of Galilee 2.7 meters from being filled

Northward, the Kishon River and Drainage Authority reported the riverbed area receiving thus far in the storm a total of 250 millimeters of rain, an irregular quantity not seen in this drainage basin for two decades. Due to the overdraft, the Megiddo civilian airport as well as the Jezreel Valley are entirely flooded, the authority reported. “The various systems that we maintain throughout the year are proving themselves thus far, but this is still quite a considerable period of rain,” said Kishon River and Drainage Authority CEO Haim Hemi. In perhaps a brighter turn of events, as of Tuesday morning, Lake Kinneret stood at 211.5 meters below sea level, just 2.7 meters from being filled and a 22-centimeter rise from the morning before, Water Authority data said.

Winds all over the country continued to be extremely strong, with the Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) predicting speeds of up to 75 kilometers per hour in the North and Center, 85 kilometers per hour in the Arava Desert and 30 kilometers per hour in Eilat for the rest of the day. In addition to the strong winds, for the rest of the day, the IMS predicted thunderstorms in the North and Center as well as continued snow over Mount Hermon – where 15 centimeters of snow had piled up on the area’s resort. By afternoon, rain will likely spread to the South, and by evening, snow will cover the peaks of the northern mountains. Following unseasonably cold temperatures all over the country throughout the day, by nightfall the high peaks of the country’s central mountains will also likely receive snow, IMS said. Risks of floods and flash floods were ongoing all over the country.

HEADLINE: Snow expected in Jerusalem, mountainous areas on Wednesday; fiercest storm in 20 years predicted

With temperatures dropping throughout Israel, the epic storm that has been battering the country since the weekend promises to blanket mountainous regions with up to a foot of snow over a several-day period, including in Jerusalem.

The rainy, windy storm continued Tuesday evening, along with “unseasonably cold” conditions.

According to the forecasts from the Israel Meteorological Service, snow, which has been falling on Mount Hermon all week, was expected to spread to other mountainous areas overnight Tuesday, including Safed in the north and possibly parts of the Etzion bloc, south of Jerusalem.

On Wednesday, extremely strong winds and rain were predicted throughout the country, with snow expected in the higher elevations, including in Jerusalem and possibly in the mountain areas of the Negev Desert.

Fiercest storm in 20 years predicted to abate only on Thursday.