SUPERBOWL: A Communication Circle is Closing

Communications A Tell Tale Sign

Interesting as the American SuperBowl may be as a sporting event, it’s also a sign of the times. Consider that for the first time ever more aspects of advertising and sports reporting will be linked to social media—all that will be linked together. Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the Apps on iPads, smart phones, other tablets, and mobile devices … the human community will be a web of attention for this one event.

Aggression A Tell Tale Sign

And while the SuperBowl is churning, wings will be ravenously consumed with brew, insanely wild bar room cheering, centrifuges keep spinning in Iran, Hezbullah stashes more rockets, negotiators think of scheduling talks, and gas stock piles in Syria raise red flags of concern. Do you want to see where bombs are being made in Iran and North Korea … Google Earth it! And then Google the Super Dome … It’s a real small world.

Signs of the Times

If you read the books of Isaiah and Daniel in the Bible you might get wind of the fact that recent events in the Middle East align nicely with expected events. The rise of hostility in the countries around Israel is really not new news … it leads to what was already reported to come … and just now we are getting there.

What Clinches the Sign of a Closing Circle

If you read the books of Daniel and Revelation there is a picture of Jerusalem when two witnesses will stand as G–d’s testimony to a mid-point in the tribulation period. The signs of aggression we see today will have turned into a sequence of events outlined in Scripture. The signs of a linked social media community, complete with global streaming video, will be the web of communication that will allow everyone on the planet to simultaneously see the two witnesses. That’s what Scripture says … everybody will see it! Ok, technologically we have arrived at that point!

Who could have imagined we would come this far at the first Super Bowl? Or even at Super Bowl XX, no one could have imagined hand held personal video broad casts that could go viral … but the day the two witnesses step on to center stage … G-d’s servants will deliver to an audience never before acquired for any Super Bowl.

With these signs we point to a tale to tell … in advance.

Enjoy the game!

BTW … have you read the books?

Time to open the window …



Hillary and Barack Say Goodbye

On the news magazine (TV show) 60 Minutes, Hillary Clinton was given a very public send off by her boss, Mr. Obama. Very civil and perhaps with much sincerity. The media call it politics. On the flip side, we might ask how much safer the world is after four years of an Obama administration. Not the war on terrorism … No, indeed the question is more about the civility of foreign states to one another.

The headlines below end on the same old note of a two state peace resolution. Ironically, all the rest say much more about the continued strife that will sustain the push to put Israel at the bottom of the sea. And frankly we know one Authority who says that won’t ever happen (documented by a written source to be revealed here soon).

The real irony is, the nuclear solution Iran seeks, will kill and pollute Arabs. Arabs might thank Israel for any role in putting off the nuclear option. And the real irony is that the putative solution to politics and religion in the Arab world reveals itself as the pendulum swings in Egypt. When the Morsi regime collapses … what next? And NONE of this is being explored by the media in the very country where Hillary and Barack share a civil goodbye …

Read, think, open the window …

HEADLINE: Kissinger: US, Israel on Brink of Nuclear Crisis with Iran

Former U.S. Secretary of State and Nobel Peace laureate Henry Kissinger is warning that the United States and Israel are very close to facing a crisis with a nuclear-arming Iran.

The 89-year-old Kissinger told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that such a crisis — a full-fledged atomic war — would be “a turning point in human history,” the BBC reported.

“There has emerged in the region, the current and most urgent issue of nuclear proliferation. For 15 years, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] have declared that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but it has been approaching,” he said.

HEADLINE: Egypt in show of defiance against Islamist leader

Protesters battled police for hours in Cairo on Monday and thousands marched through Egypt’s three Suez Canal cities in direct defiance of a night-time curfew and state of emergency, handing a blow to the Islamist President Mohammed Morsi’s attempts to contain five days of spiraling political violence.

Nearly 60 people have been killed in the wave of unrest, clashes, rioting and protests that have touched cities across the country but have hit the hardest in the canal cities, where residents have virtually risen up in outright revolt.

HEADLINE: Masked ‘Black Bloc’ a mystery in Egypt unrest

An unpredictable new element has entered Egypt’s wave of political unrest: a mysterious group of masked young men called the Black Bloc who present themselves as the defenders of protesters opposed to the Islamist president’s rule. They boast that they’re willing to use force to fight back against Islamists who have attacked protesters in the past – or against police who crack down on demonstrations.

HEADLINE: White House: Egypt’s democracy on ‘difficult path’

Egypt is on a “difficult path” to a peaceful democracy, the White House said Monday as months of lukewarm political support for the conservative Islamic government was in danger of backfiring after deadly weekend riots pushed Cairo to crack down on civil rights. The Obama administration has already delayed $1 billion in U.S. aid to Cairo because of Egypt’s instability.

HEADLINE: Tehran suspects Mossad in Fordo blast, says Iranian expat

White House dismisses report of explosion in nuclear facility; cameras stationed at plant could reveal truth in the coming days

HEADLINE: Did an explosion occur at Iran’s Fordo nuclear site?

US-based website World Net Daily has reported that a mysterious explosion destroyed a significant part of Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility. The website stated that Hamidreza Zakeri, formerly with the Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, confirmed that the facility was hit, but the report has not been corroborated by other Western sources. (See link in previous post for the WND article.)

HEADLINE: Hezbollah threat: Missile attacks on navy bases, gas rigs

Israel fears that Syrian chemical weapons may reach Hezbollah, but the Shiite terror group has its eye on conventional weapons that can change balance of power and undermine the IDF’s aerial superiority in Lebanon.

While Israel fears that Syrian WMDs may end up in Hezbollah’s hands, Bashar Assad is continuing to acquire lethal conventional weapons despite the civil war raging in his country. The Syrian president has paid $2-3 billion on military equipment in what the IDF defined as Syria’s largest arms deal since the Yom Kippur War.

HEADLINE: Jordan’s king meets Mashaal, urges 2-state solution

Jordan’s King Abdullah II met Monday evening in Amman with Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Mashaal. Mashaal said after the meeting that the two discussed the Palestinian issue and its future in light of the Israeli and American elections. He added that the inner-Palestinian reconciliation issue was also discussed.

Following the meeting, King Abdullah addressed the efforts to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and said that lately a series of meetings between the opposing sides have taken place in order to try to renew the negotiations and jumpstart the process. Abdullah said that in the meetings the sides tried to set a clear timetable to achieve a two-state solution, which according to him “is the only way to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East.”

In December the Arab media reported that Abdullah had been meeting in secret with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Amman. In addition, Abdullah visited Ramallah twice in 2012 for meetings with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Abdullah also met last week with Israeli President Shimon Peres at the Davos Summit.

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Saber Rattling: Who Is Holding the Saber?

Iran fending for Syria puts one country into the business of another … nothing new, but extrapolate it to Israel and it’s a strategy more than support to an ally. Someone wants to bring their saber closer to an underlying campaign. Independent developments at two very different nuclear facilities bring us back to another form of saber rattling … eventually an armed and aimed warhead is a saber in hand. And on the streets of Egypt the saber strokes at its own … because the real nature of the new leader is obvious to the people. But really, how will a two state solution resolve the ill will of those holding the sabers? All of this was accounted for in Scripture thousands of years ago.

The remarkable thing is that the materialist’s mind would just say it’s the struggle of the fittest. Sabers have been rattled before. That’s indeed the way it would appear on the surface. What is different from an evolution of usual earthly events is that what we see now fits ever closer to the writings of Daniel, John, Isaiah, et al. And yet we read that at some point there will be a declaration of ” Peace, Peace …” and then what follows is a time of troubles … fortunately, after that, as it is written, sabers will be turned into plowshares. The irony is that what we see today fits so well … what is written.

Throw back the shutters, open the window full wide … read, think and look:

HEADLINE: Iranian Official: Attack on Syria Is Attack on Iran

Issuing Tehran’s strongest warning to date, a top Iranian official said Saturday that any attack on Syria would be deemed an attack on Iran, a sign that it will do all it can to protect embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Ali Akbar Velayati, an aide to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, made his comments as Syrian troops conducted offensive air raids against rebels and discovered a trio of tunnels they were using to smuggle weapons in their fight to topple Assad.

HEADLINE: Satellite images reveal North Korea ready for nuclear test

North Korea could be almost ready to carry out its threat to conduct a nuclear test, a U.S. research institute said, pointing to recent satellite photos. The images of the Punggye-ri site where nuclear tests were conducted in 2006 and 2009 reveal that over the past month roads have been kept clear of snow and that North Koreans may have been sealing the tunnel into a mountainside where a nuclear device would be detonated in an underground test.

North Korea’s powerful National Defense Commission declared its plans Thursday after the U.N. Security Council tightened sanctions in response to a December long-range rocket launch. It described it as part of a “new phase” of combat with the United States, which retains 28,000 troops in South Korea and which it blames for leading the U.N. bid to punish Pyongyang. North Korea did not say exactly when or where the test would take place.

HEADLINE: Egypt army enters Port Said in attempt to quell riots

Death toll reaches 41 in three days of violent protests after judge announces death penalty for 21 soccer fans on trial for 2012 stadium disaster, in which 74 people died; Egypt’s national defense council calls for dialogue.

Armored vehicles and military police fanned through the streets of Port Said, a city of some 600,000 people, where gunshots rang out and protesters burned tires in anger that people from their city had been blamed for stadium deaths last year.

The rioting in Port Said, one of the most deadly spasms of violence since Hosni Mubarak’s ouster two years ago, followed a day of anti-Morsi demonstrations on Friday, when nine people were killed. The toll over the past two days stands at 41.

HEADLINE: Did an explosion occur at Iran’s Fordo nuclear site?

US-based website World Net Daily reported on Friday that a mysterious explosion destroyed a significant part of Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility. The website stated that Hamidreza Zakeri, formerly with the Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, confirmed that the facility was hit, but the report has not been corroborated by other Western sources.

The website further said that its Iranian source pegged the blast as taking place last Monday at the eve of Israel’s general elections. Tehran believes the blast was the result of sabotage, the report said. Fordo is considered to be Iran’s second-largest nuclear facility and the site of 2,700 centrifuges, all enriching uranium to 20% level – at which it can be weaponized.

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HEADLINE: US: Two-state solution cannot wait

The US is patiently waiting until an Israeli coalition is formed, but is nonetheless sending out a clear message to Israel: Do not neglect the Palestinian issue. US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stressed Friday that the US intended to work on bringing the Israelis and the Palestinians back to the negotiating table.

“We are at the stage now… where we’re going to have to wait and see what the makeup of the Israeli government is going to be and how it approaches the longstanding critical issues that we share,” Nuland said. “We know where we want to go and we know where we believe they also want to go. If we can be helpful, we will continue to try.”

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Inching Closer to the End Game

For those who read Scripture, there is a subtle but familiar ring to the news. See the headlines from Watch. org, below. And we keep asking WHAT would it look like in those closing days before Yeshua returns. Well, short of a revival in Israel itself, an awakening to Yeshua Himself, the headlines might well be those below.

Questions on Perspective

Don’t Muslims get sick of all the hate speech? After all, a person living in Iran is as much a human person as anyone in Israel. Same the other way, too. Doesn’t Morsi know what Adolf did and how that turned out? And aren’t Egyptians a little worried that this next ruling fist will be even tighter than the last one? And who is Assad, really? Without backing he is no more important than anyone else!

Israel’s leadership might be on to something … because Israeli citizens just want a life without the bother of the rest of the world! Just think about that. And Bob Dylan would say in his rasping singing voice: “Who is the real bully in the Middle East?”

Finally, Muslims are probably not well enough informed that the books of Daniel and the Apocalypsis (Revelation) combined reveal the events of today and the RESULT. It’s something we could all study and see what really is in the window’s view … will you?

HEADLINE: Netanyahu: Obama and I differ on peace process

He is in an enviable political position, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. He is in a political position most other world leaders would die for. Here he is, just a few days from elections, and his worry is not whether he will win the upcoming elections, but rather by how much, by how large a majority, and who he will need to bring into his governing coalition.

Think about that for a moment.

This is a leader widely assailed by much of the world; a leader whom a US columnist this week reported was verbally dumped on by US President Barack Obama. This is a leader whose own commitment to peace has been not so subtly questioned by even his own president, and whose former security services head – Yuval Diskin – trashed a few weeks ago in a six-page spread in one of the nation’s leading papers, a paper that itself has been driven by a campaign to dethrone him.

HEADLINE: Gulf News: Al Assad is becoming a liability to Iran

Tehran’s gamble for greater regional influence is doomed to fail as most Syrians do not understand the realpolitik behind its blind support for a tyrannical regime

HEADLINE: New clips quote Morsi calling Obama a liar, urging Muslims to nurse hatred of Jews

Media watchdog group MEMRI published on Thursday additional statements made by Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi before entering office, in which he accused US President Barack Obama of lying in his 2009 Cairo speech and urged Muslims “to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews.”

“One American president after another – and most recently, that Obama – talks about American guarantees for the safety of the Zionists in Palestine. [Obama] was very clear when he uttered his empty words on the land of Egypt. He uttered many lies, of which he couldn’t have fulfilled a single word, even if he were sincere – which he is not,” said Morsi, referring Obama’s 2009 speech, delivered at Cairo University.

HEADLINE: US says Morsi backtrack on anti-Semitic remarks inadequate

The US has said Morsi’s 2010 remarks — in which he urged hatred of Jews and called Zionists “pigs” and “bloodsuckers” while he was a leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood — are “deeply offensive” and need to be repudiated.

Look Out Your Window!

Really, what do you see?
Let the evidence move you forward …



Israel Holding It’s Ground, Blessed by Water of Life

Here are recent reports posted at (with links to original full length articles). What do these headlines say? The people of “The Land” are planning on living where the Lord said the land was theirs. And recent rains seem a blessing of confirmation … for the water brings life in a region that is full of strife, death, and turmoil … case in point, there is no blessing for Syria and Egypt is not in much better shape and it all gets worse. The Sea of Galilee if filling with the Lord’s blessings on Israel by the bucket full!

HEADLINE: Netanyahu says he will ‘never divide Jerusalem’

Jerusalem will not be divided “so long as I’m prime minister,” Benjamin Netanyahu said in a Monday night Channel 2 broadcast.

HEADLINE: Netanyahu tells Ariel students settlement
will remain in Israel, construction to continue

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the West Bank settlement of Ariel Tuesday, telling students that the city would always remain in Israeli hands and that building in “Israel’s lands” would continue.

The visit to Ariel University was the prime minister’s first foray into the West Bank since kicking off his re-election campaign late last year, and his first to the university since it received a controversial upgrade.

HEADLINE: Israel’s ‘much needed’ rain blessing continues:
Floods and rains bring Tel Aviv to halt;
Sea of Galilee 2.7 meters from being filled

Northward, the Kishon River and Drainage Authority reported the riverbed area receiving thus far in the storm a total of 250 millimeters of rain, an irregular quantity not seen in this drainage basin for two decades. Due to the overdraft, the Megiddo civilian airport as well as the Jezreel Valley are entirely flooded, the authority reported. “The various systems that we maintain throughout the year are proving themselves thus far, but this is still quite a considerable period of rain,” said Kishon River and Drainage Authority CEO Haim Hemi. In perhaps a brighter turn of events, as of Tuesday morning, Lake Kinneret stood at 211.5 meters below sea level, just 2.7 meters from being filled and a 22-centimeter rise from the morning before, Water Authority data said.

Winds all over the country continued to be extremely strong, with the Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) predicting speeds of up to 75 kilometers per hour in the North and Center, 85 kilometers per hour in the Arava Desert and 30 kilometers per hour in Eilat for the rest of the day. In addition to the strong winds, for the rest of the day, the IMS predicted thunderstorms in the North and Center as well as continued snow over Mount Hermon – where 15 centimeters of snow had piled up on the area’s resort. By afternoon, rain will likely spread to the South, and by evening, snow will cover the peaks of the northern mountains. Following unseasonably cold temperatures all over the country throughout the day, by nightfall the high peaks of the country’s central mountains will also likely receive snow, IMS said. Risks of floods and flash floods were ongoing all over the country.

HEADLINE: Snow expected in Jerusalem, mountainous areas on Wednesday; fiercest storm in 20 years predicted

With temperatures dropping throughout Israel, the epic storm that has been battering the country since the weekend promises to blanket mountainous regions with up to a foot of snow over a several-day period, including in Jerusalem.

The rainy, windy storm continued Tuesday evening, along with “unseasonably cold” conditions.

According to the forecasts from the Israel Meteorological Service, snow, which has been falling on Mount Hermon all week, was expected to spread to other mountainous areas overnight Tuesday, including Safed in the north and possibly parts of the Etzion bloc, south of Jerusalem.

On Wednesday, extremely strong winds and rain were predicted throughout the country, with snow expected in the higher elevations, including in Jerusalem and possibly in the mountain areas of the Negev Desert.

Fiercest storm in 20 years predicted to abate only on Thursday.