Window Perspective: Understanding the “Jewish Greek” Messianic Writings


The concept of a Jewish form of Greek came to our attention from Dr. Daniel Gruber’s book: Copernicus and the Jews (see cover pictured below).

First: What is Jewish Greek?
Second: What are the implications?
Third: How might this broaden your “window view” on the significance of what is commonly called the New Testament?


The term Jewish Greek essentially expresses—from an academic perspective—the fact that the grammar, certain words, and form of Greek in the Messianic writings reveals a Jewish mind and intelligence. Greek was a common medium used for written texts when the Jewish New Covenant text was recorded. But certain Hebraic expressions and words were needed to make clear the express purpose of the Greek text. We refer you to Dr.Gruber’s writings on this topic for details, but the basic take home message is critical for anyone to fully see the big picture on the Scriptures. Jewish Greek identifies the nature and background of those persons writing the text in the New Covenant.


If the Jewish Greek tells us anything for starters it’s this: The Bible is a writing put to scroll and parchment by Israel, the Jewish scribes and writers in their day. Gentiles need to recognize the older and newer texts are not testaments, because these are not writings left by a dying person. Furthermore, both the old and new describe more than one or two or more covenants … and so leads us to call the Tanach, or Hebrew Bible, the earlier writings and the latter are appropriately termed Messianic Writings due to the focus on Messiah.


Read a chapter online and order the book at:


If you are a Jew, then know the New Covenant, the Brit Chadeshah, is Jewish. That makes for the older and newer writings a harmony of covenants. In fact the Tanach is more understandable and complete with the newer Jewish Greek text. Read the newer text and claim the Messiah as yours!

If you are Gentile and call the New Covenant your Bible, then look again and ask what the context and cultural setting is for the text. When someone is speaking, to whom are they speaking? To Jews, or Gentiles, or both? Getting the context and audiences correct means getting more out of the understanding of the Word of God. In some places the meaning is accentuated by how a First Century Jewish or Gentile mind would receive the words captured in the text!

Read, discern, and see how this leads you to the future!

Recognize all this and you are getting a bigger picture. This is the foundation to the olive tree we write about in the WindowView Harmony section. Use the link below, visit the Window and find the links to Harmony! Broaden your window’s view!


Mr. Obama Supports Whom? US or Them?


Sitting at our own personal windows allows us to see, hear, and think about the world. But in our busy day-to-day activities, do we really connect the dots? Do we acknowledge the huge implications of a passing headline? Or are we just absorbed in meeting our daily needs?

The President of the United States on the one hand has been fighting terrorism. The death of Al-Queda leaders is testimony to that fact. But funding a country in its most unstable hour of political history … Far surpasses questionable intent when the recipients may cause further terror in an unstable region of the world. Why did Mr. Obama do it?


If you are a Muslim, you very much like what Mr. obama did by funding Egypt this spring. If you read the Bible, the implications are equally obvious and very different. If you are of no opinion or position, then consequences will come as they mY. But again, why did Mr. Obama do it?

We leave you at the window to view and think this one over for yourself. We believe the unrest in Egypt will only spread, and that is in harmony with Scripture—albeit a horrible prospect.


Further down this page we provide access to a YouTube video. Our first viewing led us to doubt the spin on what is presented … but then there are other links on the web that fill in the story.

Articles on the web that back up the video presentation below, include:

1 – Canada Free Press.

2 – National Review:

3 – C-SPAN Congressional Presenter:


Republicans beware … US put on notice … What do you think?

We ask you to discern what all this means. Unfortunately, none of this seems to lead to more peace or stability. So why did Mr. Obama do it? Why is he surpassing the people, Congress, and asserting his will in this way? Think about it! Draw your own conclusions.


BTW: has no political interests nor political affiliations … other than an interest in the Kingdom to come … evidently that comes sooner than we may have thought in previous days.

What’s Happening in the Middle East – Part II


Our readers have searched the web for “Middle East,” “events,” “news,” and simply “what’s going on in the Middle East.” We previously responded with a link to World Watch Daily‘s web site ( Many of their daily reports relate to global politics, events related to Israel and the Arab states in the Middle East.

MEMRI: Here is another source that may open eyes with disturbing implications for days to come. The video posted below is provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute ( We also encourage a visit to their home page and a reading of their “About Us” information. This is a web site to take seriously, by East and West!


The words expressed in the following MEMRI video fall in line, exactly, with what the Bible tells us will happen in the days ahead. The reality of this video footage brings us uncomfortably close to dire events … but as Scripture has it … these events will happen … the human will expressed is not peaceful but intent on bloodshed.

How do the majority of Muslims view these events —personally and deep from within the consciousness of a difference between good and evil — especially regarding the news from radical or extreme elements from the Middle East.

More importantly, we ask if the broader Arab public understands that the desire to invade and take over Israel and Jerusalem is recorded as the exact events that bring back the Messiah of Israel. That is a fact. This video ‘walks’ right into fulfilling the verses of Scripture – exactly! Get it? It’s real today in your presence — undeniably!

The Bible clearly states ‘nations’ will turn on Israel and that Jerusalem will be a focal point of battle and its people ravished, defiled, and persecuted. The Koran isn’t warning Muslims that jihad ends up in judgement by the Messiah, but then isn’t this exactly the direction we see from Egypt in the video?


Again, the window’s view is one of looking, thinking, and discerning for ourselves. With a world wide web of information access, any one of us can find out what is happening in the Middle East … and further draw conclusions about where the world is headed … to peace and harmony or to judgement.


Messiah Comes … Hebrew Source Revealed

When it comes to Bible studies, many of us forget that whether it be the Hebrew or Greek texts, there is evidence for the Messiah. Just look at how early the first reference is to the Messiah … right up front in Genesis 3:15.

Or how about a single verse that asks the key question of all Hebrew readers … asking for His name … and doesn’t that make the point thar G_d has a son … if you know the verse, you have to seek His name! That’s just logical! Proverbs 30:4.

But how about Jewish voices speaking a word for the Name of Messiah … visit this site !

At Jewish voices speak to evidence that applies to the Jew first, but also the Greek (rest of us)!