DNA tests for Purim, Hitler, and Iran

In honor of Purim, we respectfully submit the following two items:

1) A reading of the Book of Ester shows how the ‘bad guy’ gets it in  end … for his hatred … specifically for antisemitism.

As history reveals–by way of biology–even the bad guys don’t understand very much about who they are.  We offer the following bit of genetic evidence about Hitler.

Hitler’s Irony by way of DNA

If you want the PDF version of this Bloomberg web page, click on this link.

2) We would be interested in the change in attitudes and related hatred that comes out of the Middle East if more males would be subject to a genetic screen. What is the DNA evidence?

The current atmosphere smacks of no less hatred–for the Jews and Israel–as espoused by Hitler before and by Iran’s theopoliticals today.  What irony and humiliation if the genetics of the Iranian political and religious leadership would put many or any in the same group as Hitler.  This is more than ideology, it’s science.

Read the Bible, read Purim, and understand that antisemitism has been with humanity for ages.  But really, why does this persist?  Is it just a rhetorical question? Why doesn’t the world just leave Israel alone and go on to resolve global problems? Environmentally the earth is wearing out like an old coat! Meanwhile. the Bible tells us that conflict will come and most any Bible believing person will tell you that the nations are expected to turn on Israel.  And Iran is proving the point in realtime. Is this not obvious? In fact some Iranians who do not agree with their leadership would say they see consequences coming! It’s obvious to these folks, so why not the rest of the world?

Again, the environment is in a gradual state of slipping backwards down a slippery slope.  And humanity fails to make a corporate–i.e., all humanity included–effort to resolve the problem. We wonder if the next “bad guy” will dazzle the earth’s population with promises of ecological salvation! (Do read between the prophetic lines here! And if you don’t understand our reference … read chapter 15 [PDF])

Like they say … “bless and be blessed, curse and be cursed”  Do give this biblical notion some thought … and to all Iranians of hidden Jewish ancestry we say: Happy Purim!

Director, WindowView.org 

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