What’s Happening in Israel and the Middle East – Part I

Concerning News From Israel

Keep in mind that to really see the view this window offers is by linking current events in the Middle East with: 1) the time line updated at WindowView.org, 2) news stories posted by David Dolan (which we relay to you here ), and by occasional blog post here with references to significant events.

One outside web resource that reflects real time significant events that you really need to start checking, in light of what we see going on in the Middle East and particularly Iran, is: Watch.org.

The media in the US and perhaps most everywhere outside of the Middle East often fail to focus on Israel and current events–with the really detailed assessment–that is, a focus with an edge that is biblical and current.  But to link the current day to what is biblical in scope, also requires the larger view that we think of as time at the window to integrate natural and worldly events into the matrix of biblical data. And that includes being open to the prospect that currnet events will at times roll right into prophesy and themes that the Bible lays out as prophetic events leading to Messiah’s coming (again).

Director, WindowView.org