Beginning: Reflections Referenced in Scripture

Most of us just live our lives and the thought of how special our existence really is … just seems like background noise. In light of our daily trials, what would it matter if this experience was the product of an intelligent and creative being.

First, think about this from a secular and material perspective. Just look at the complexity and diversity of life. Time and chance have been shown inadequate to account for all we see.

What other source claims an origin to our lives?

This post is meant for your meditation. Stop to really think that a creation started all what we see, hear, live, experience.

Might it all be for some purpose beyond a mundane daily grind, birth to death. Reflect in the Window’s View as you think of the application of this to your life. Does this jog your mind to thinking of life in a new way?

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The link provided below will take you to a collection of biblical citations gathered by Jerry Bowen. The listing of references below presents a total of 90 passages, 64 passages from 18 books of the Tanach (Hebrew Scriptures) and 26 passages from 13 books of the Brit Chadashah (Greek Scriptures).

Take note that approximately one-third of the Bible provides a testimony as to the origin of the universe and life therein. Exactly “how” this happens is a material question, but the “what” is a creative event, simply called creation, which simply is awesome. Do you stop/think/reflect to find this as true?

To avoid copyright infringement the following data is arranged from the King James version of the Bible. WindowView recommends comparative study of the same verses listed in the New King James or the American Standard Versions.

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Biblical Listings: Use this LINK to go to our WindowView page that provides the complete set of verses. Skim over the citations and take note of how many separate concepts and references address this one issue.

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