On The Air: Dangerous Teachings by Harold Camping

First, at WindowView, we are much like many of our readers.  We read things, hear dialogs and interpretations, consider commentaries, and often are left to discern what is truthful information.

The point of this blog post is simple: Beware, Think, Consider all sides of any issue.

Hundreds and even Thousands of well qualified witnesses and theological thinkers have passed on a consistent message through the ages.  There are variations, off-beat interpretations have lost our attention, others gain immense credibility over time.  The the Bible’s message is not so complicated as to be easily dismissed by wild thinking.

Someone asked me, shouldn’t we pray for Harold Camping?  I responded, I think we should be praying for all persons who are mislead by Harold Camping.  So this post leads to an outside source of information that might get you thinking about a man who goes on the radio to influence so many listeners.  Are the listeners thinking?  Is their eternal destiny being altered, manipulated, or subverted by a guy with a microphone?

A friend writes into WindowView to state the following about the recent dialog on Harold Camping and his May 21 date setting:


“You most likely have read this CRI article on Camping which appears to be written back in 2002.  It is very telling regarding some of the things he says regarding the “Church”.

He tells people to reject ” church” and the authority roles such as “elder” and “deacons”.  To stop ceremonials activities such as baptisms and communion.   He says all is useless activities now.  He is beyond the “church” and encourages home worship gatherings centered around Family Christian Radio (like home churching people via the radio).

He really is creepy in these tenants. Very cult like.”


The article our friend refers to is entitled “DANGEROUS AIRWAVES: HAROLD CAMPING’S CALL TO FLEE THE CHURCH”

The synopsis of this article reads as follows:

“Harold Camping is the president of Family Radio. He teaches that God has done away with the church, and thus there should be no more local congregations, elders, deacons, and ordinances such as baptism or the Lord’s Supper. He maintains that the Holy Spirit has left the church as an empty shell with no power to proclaim the gospel. Because Camping calls his followers to flee the churches and form fellowships around his teachings, Christians must understand what the Bible teaches about the church and what the proper means of biblical interpretation are in order to counter Camping’s false teachings.”


The web link to the article can be found here and if you like we provide a link to the PDF version of the page so you can read this offline.

Finally, we regret writing something like this blog post because this really is saying SOME FOLKS are being ROBBED of the truth.  Misguided, mis-taught, and distracted from a simple investigation into what the Scriptures and even common church teachings have to tell us.  Something vital is a stake.  For one, getting at truth.  Second, getting to appreciate why we exist.  And most importantly, our real choice of a lifetime in obtaining a relationship with God — for all eternity.

Director, WindowView.org



Consider these verses:

Mt 7:15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

Mt 24:11 “Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.

Mt 24:24 “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

2Pe 2:1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction.


All of the verses above relate to the present time, and if not pointed at one like Camping, certainly these statements point to conditions where one really need be on guard!  And if any of these do apply to Mr. Camping, he will have to give an account for himself.  Our task is to stay on track even in the presence of those who would mislead us.


May 9 — From Israel — Trouble Coming

A correspondence we received from someone in Israel reports the following perspective.  Please note, the importance of this posting is as an INDICATOR of what to expect in the news TOMORROW and beyond.  While the unrest in the Arabs states may seem interesting and none of great concern to all nations outsie the area, once conflict inside Israel erupts … all bets are off.  Why?  The implications become global.   The opinions expressed in this piece are those of the writer.  Read, watch the news, and look though the ‘Window’ to consider a much bigger picture.  That picture includes you:


“There has been much in the news, lately, surrounding events in the Middle East. I would like to touch on two of them.

“The first is the unity pact that was signed between Fatah and Hamas. Fatah is the current political force in control of most of the West Bank and Hamas is the group in control of Gaza. Both were formally a part of the PLO and the news that they are beginning to reunite, after major conflict when Hamas won elections in Gaza, is extremely troubling to say the least. Fatah has always been militant towards Israel although they have put on a face of peace to the world. Hamas has never pretended to be anything but anti Israel. And now the two are together. It really does not matter how you spin it or how the media reports it or how much the “left” (in Israel and around the world) wants to  believe that it really does not matter much. This is a serious matter for the state of Israel.

“Fatah can no longer hide behind the peaceful propaganda that it promotes, much like Yasar Arafat did a decade ago. And Hamas has been declared a terrorist state by the US and others. Now they have become one again. Israel has taken steps in this regard. They have frozen payments to the PA as long as they remain united with a terrorist group. There is much pressure from inside and outside of Israel for this to be reversed.

“In my opinion, Israel must stand firm in this. The enemy has played its hand and it must now reap what it sows. There has also been a call in the US Senate to stop funding the PA until this nonsense ends. And it is a bi-partisan call as some 16 Senate democrats have sent a letter to the president to have the US stop payments. Until the US stands up and declares itself to be the friend and ally of Israel, as it used to be, there will be no such stance by any of the other countries of the world. They still look to the US for direction and will not be found to the right of any position that the US takes. The US needs a strong and logical foreign policy, not just troops everywhere. Standing with Israel is the logical, historical and biblical place to start. (On a side note, I watched the SC presidential debate on Fox this past week. No mention of Israel anywhere. The election will be won or lost on the basis of the economy. Of this I am sure. But the direction of the US, morally and economically, will be based on its relationship with Israel.)

“Second, of course, is the killing of UBL as everyone now calls him. So what does this mean for Israel and, more importantly, for the US. I think that in the short run it will mean a slowing of reported terror attacks and a reshuffling of the leadership of Al Queda. It will also be a defining moment for US foreign policy in regards to Pakistan. I am reminded about God’s warning to the church in Revelation about “fence-sitting”. The US and Pakistan need to iron out their relationship and hopefully renew trust. “If you are not for us then you are against us”. Nuf said. In the long run,terror is still a strong and evil enemy of the world. Killing one man, even UBL, does not stop terrorism. Again, the US must have a rational and urgent plan in place in regard to the world terror threat.


Why share this with you?  On the one hand, many of us are not living in the area where troubles are brewing.  When it breaks loose, we may not feel that there will be any impacts, excpet for maybe at the gas pump.  But that will draw attention.  But over there, not here where you are, bombs may fall.  It’s different if the bombs land at your feet.  But then in a companion posting at WindowView Press, we talk about how terror has an extended reach and the cost touches every person on the planet!

All of this activity impacts us in the material world, but have you considered the spiritual implications?  We recommend a reading of some of the Harmony articles within the Window … as well as looking around at the entire big view that the Winodw frames by all its multiple perspectives.  In the end, it’s all about making a ‘Step Up To Life.”  Have you already?  Will you?

Director, WindowView

P.S.  Also our recent post about terrorism, considers the implications reaching into tghe domain of  global change to include an educated speculation (opinion) about the long term consequence of terrorism on global politics and world governance, agian this is posted at the WindowView Press blog.