Headlines on the news, across the Internet, on the front pages of daily papers are all recording unprecedented changes in the Middle East.  What the secular stories don’t reflect is the underlying biblical implications.  There is no doom and gloom in this web post at WindowView, but like always, we are asking you to step back and take in the big picture.


WHAT is significant?  First, the Middle East landscape, politically, is about to make a ‘final’ broad sweeping change.  The entire region around Israel will soon be different.  Longstanding regimes will have toppled. You knew that.  But have you thought about HOW these newly reorganized leaderships, country to country, all around the Middle East will relate to Israel, the rest of the world’s nations, and to global changes that are forcing all nations to address change.


At the LARGER SCALE view, nations are being squeezed by the mentality that the earth’s environment is at dire risk.  Add to this the recent pressures on food—both availability and price, especially in poor countries and the Middle East.  Scientists are concerned about doubling the food supply by 2050, because population is skyrocketing.  This all focuses added tensions on the nations all around Israel.

The biblical scenario reveals we will soon see a world attempting global solutions to global problems.  Humanity is living in a confined space (the planet is getting smaller) and the perception will increasingly be: “WE are running into greater problems to sustain our survival.”  Could a single world leader unify humanity to bring us out of the big dilemma that seems to loom ever larger on the horizon!  Well? The Bible addresses this issue!


Many people claim to be religious.  Many say they are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, or of other faith.  But how many realize that the Hebrew plus Greek biblical texts actually direct us to see, in detail, what the coming scenario will be.  NO, we are not doing to predict specific events at specific times.  That historically has been tried repeatedly and falls short.  What we will point out is there is a specific chronology of events that the Bible says will happen.  Some events in the Bible are described but not given a place in the chronology.  Those events will come when they will and it’s that simple.  BUT what we see today is paving a way for the chronology.  Christians and Jewish believers who study the Scriptures have a means to see the chronology beforehand.  Muslims may think they understand this, but they would need to study the Bible to see the exact mechanics of what we are talking about–this separates their typical worldview and the Koran from what is in fact fitting the biblical chronology.


A book detailing the entire chronology is referenced on our last segment of the WindowView timeline.  This is not the only source to outline the chronology, but it is the only comprehensive and responsible handling of the chronology.  A reading of the book is up to you.  Seeing the chronology unfold in the world today and getting the big picture only comes by a study that comes from a reading of the ‘Footsteps’ book that we recommend.  And no, we get no royalties or kickbacks, the recommendation concerns you and your destiny and not us.  Buy or borrow the book, it’s the reading that’s important.


So what is going on in the Middle East? That is the question that is on everybody’s mind these days.

The population of the Middle East is roughly 70% made up of people under the age of 35. And this generation is, for the most part, badly fed, under-employed and without any real vision of the future that looks bright. They find themselves living in countries ruled by families who have been in power for decades or dictators who have been in charge just as long and have done nothing to improve anyone’s lives except their own. Many of these young people are communications savvy and know what is going on all over the world. They are not isolated. And they want a better life.

I am not speaking here of political powers or radical groups or any of the major players that are and will be vying for power here in the near future. I am speaking of the majority of the Arab population who want a better life. They are the ones who are caught in the middle of the political power game being staged here.

A friend forwarded me an e-mail from a lady who lives in this region; an American whose husband works here. She suggested that if one really wants to know what direction things are going here, you should look to the dress of the young women. And, she wrote, most of the young women you saw in the demonstrations in Egypt and Yemen and Jordan and the like were wearing head coverings, i.e., they are looking to conservative and religious values for answers to their life questions. Of course here that means Islam and traditional Islamic values. But still, they are looking for the answers to life in spiritual things. It was only about 20 years ago that I found myself looking for answers to life and finally found Him, the ultimate spiritual answer, Yeshua (Jesus).

Please, as you read about all that is going on over here, don’t forget that the answer to it all is the Messiah and God is busy working in the Middle East and among Muslims and Jews to show Himself to them. My prayer is that the young generation of Arabs and Jews alike, in the Middle East, will continue to look for the answer to life and to peace and security and finally find Him. I know that this is your prayer too.


The words from our friend reflect a fluid state of being in the Middle East.  Change is coming.  Global pressures on all of humanity will be increasing even as pressures build in the Middle East.  The world is experiencing pressures on resources, food, money, power, and more … and mean while we keep running head long forward as if more and more is better.  Something will give at some point … and beyond our material well being we should be asking, what is the spiritual truth to our existence.  As events along the chronology unfold, as already described in the ancient texts of the Hebrew and Greek, the answer will appear.  Will we get it?  Do we understand it even today?

Director, WindowView