Harmonious Cartoons – Crater Critters

The WindowView web site is home to some cartoons that convey a special set of unique messages. Some relate to God as the Big Dude. And where better to do this but from the grand open spaces of outer space! The cartoons also cover some of the many themes you’ll find in the WindowView.

All of the cartoons are presented from the perspective of a couple of moon-based creatures. As you can see, the cartoon strip is called Crater Critters. From this comic strip you’ll get to know Wiggy and Crater. Wiggy is a bit more ‘with it’ and Crater is the moon critter who always questions things. Click on the image above and you’ll arrive at a menu from which to choose a cartoon.

Take a look and you’ll discover that from Science to Scripture, from global change to prophetic writings, these two critters span a universe of topics.

Director, WindowView.org

The Hebraic Bridge and A Step Up To Life

We have all encountered persons on the street handing out materials.  Flyers for stores and others for local community concerns or political appeals.  And every once in a while, someone handing out a ‘tract,’ a kind of leaflet that has something to say about God and salvation.  Usually, a tract deals with a Christian appeal to take God seriously.  The content of a tract may range from simply looking at ourselves, our lives, and than a solution to problems we face.  Other tracts will speak of the future and what the Bible says about prophetic events … perhaps these are compelling and make you think about your daily life with respect to God.

This post offers you two interesting approaches.  Both might be called tracts.  One is electronic and the other is a PDF illustrating a diagram.  Let’s consider each briefly:

ELECTRONIC — A Step Up To Life

For some number of years now, there has been a web page dedicated to something called a “Step Up To Life.”  This is really the content of a very small booklet.  If you turn from page to page, you are taken from one step to another.  The steps are entitled “Unconcern,” “Concern,” “Conviction,” “Repentance,” and “Saving Faith.”  And as you work your way from step to step, there are serious reasons to go the next step.

But if this booklet is written for a Gentile audience, then that might be the extent of its usefulness.  But a congregational leader in the eastern US contacted the author of the booklet, Elmer Murdoch, and asked if WindowView might post an electronic version of “Step Up To Life” with a Hebrew spin.  If you look around the Harmony area of the Window, you’ll come to recognize that Israel is meant to be a light to the nations.  But history and circumstance have stopped the flow of Israel leading nations to God.  And in fact, the nations now await Israel to fully see God, as Messiah, for the sake of salvation.  At some point all of Israel does expect Messiah to come.  In the meantime, the Window presents a version of “Step Up To Life” that is based on the Tanach, the older testimony, the Hebrew Scriptures.

Take a look!  And if you know someone who would benefit from considering these step … refer them to the Window or you can print the pages and make a little book to share.  Please do!

The Hebraic Bridge

Along with the added development of a new version of Step Up To Life, the Window also offers a one page diagram.  The diagram takes one from one condition, our human condition, over a bridge to a relationship with God.  The format is like another bridge diagram that is commonly known and typically based on the new testimony Scriptures.  Here again, the Window offers another approach.  This format uses the older testimony from the Hebrew verses, as much as possible.

This is offered here as a PDF document that you can download using this link: BRIDGE DIAGRAM.


Both Jews and Gentiles can refer to these two resources.  The appeal is actually universal, but the approach starts from the Hebrew text first.

And in the midst of this, there is a focus on a God Who saves and the Messiah Who plays a key role in Israel’s future.

Sharing one or both of these may bless persons in your life, or possibly even bless you.

Director, WindowView