New Songs – Original Artist – At WindowView

Recently, at a private recital and in the presence of family and friends, WindowView came across new praise songs that fit both the Messianic and a more general audience.

For now, we won’t explain much about the songs except that the first title reveals a theme in “Road To Jerusalem.”  And some screen shots help to illustrate some of the lyrics.

The second and third songs come with titles that may be a bit obscure to many of us … T’KIAH and TESHUVAH.

At Rosh Hashanah there is a blowing of trumpets, ram’s horns, that make this the Feast of Trumpets.  Some congregations will blow four blasts and declare the following before each one … T’KIAH, T’RUAH, SH’VARIM and finally T’KIAH G’DOLAH … a reading follows each title word and after T’KIAH comes the following words …

“Give heed to the sound of the Shofar, the loud clarion call of the Schofar, brining bright hope to a people long scattered and stricken with sorrow; comforting Israel with promise of healing divine and redemption.  Renew your faith in God’s covenant that made you a nation through Torah.  Return to your God and establish a Kingdom of peace for all people.  Heed the sound of the Schofar, the blast that is blown, O my people.”

The song entitled Teshuvah stems from the word which points to repentance and new beginnings.  This is a Hebrew word that is assigned to the 40 day period preceding Yon Kippur the day of atonement.  This is a song that reminds us all to return to Him, Jew and Gentile alike.

Take a look and a listen, in the future we hope to have studio versions as opposed to these live performances.  When we do, will post the news here!  And the artist’s web site is noted along with each video for your further exploration.


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