Remembrance of Holocaust: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Information released by the “Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel”:

1. 46% of Israelis believe that a second Holocaust can happen. This is 5% higher than last year.

2. 47% of Israel’s 189,000 Holocaust survivors agree.

3. 46% of survivors believe that future generations will not remember the Holocaust after they are gone. This is 9% higher than last year. 31% of the general public feels that this is the case.

4. About 40 of the 189,000 survivors still alive in Israel die each day. Nearly 25% live in poverty. 27% said that they live without heat in their apartments during the winter and 65% said that they needed help to pay for their groceries and medications.

5. Almost half – 45% – report feeling lonely most of the time. Over one-third, or 36%, live alone and half are widowed.

Thursday, April 16, is a day to remember the Holocaust and also be a day to remember the plight of those who survived the Holocaust and are still alive today.  While many millions beyond the Jewish people died in the world war … one third of the Hebrew people died at the hand of a wretched and twisted mind.  That mind was not just one man, but a mindset that infected humanity.  That was yesterday.

Today we see the seeds of that same mindset infecting peoples around the globe, it is happening again! You should ask why and think about how hatred infests the masses and that you have a choice not to do so. Ask why Israel?  What if that nation were just left alone to its own life and customs?

Those who read the Bible anticipate what comes tomorrow.  The seeds of hate bring persecution.  This is what we see blossoming in the tomorrow.  We also know that a Remnant will emerge with foresight of what the LORD intends … The Remnant embrace the Way … the way forward.

67a698b8-ce30-4447-90b1-cc502ec337cb Visit the current posting for the March of Remembrance.

This week there will be marches in cities around the world in remembrance of the Holocaust past. Perhaps you will be so gripped by the reality of yesterday to join in the march.  In so doing, you may also acknowledge that the persecutions of today and tomorrow will not succeed. The Light has come. The Light of Messiah will cause every knee to bend … even those who think that persecution earns hem paradise … when in fact it does no such thing.

Remember to be sober. Remember to think clearly. Remember to see the Way forward.


Abortion: Statistics, Tim Tebow, Adolf Hitler, and An Unborn Speaks

The reality of what abortion does to our world is often hidden from us. The issue is masked over, swept aside in politically correct circles, but the effects take a toll on the women who give up an unborn child to the vacuum of an uncaring process.
We encorage you to watch the video embeded in this post … think about it from the perspectives of the Martin Luther King family, from the mother of Tim Tebow, to Jewish babies lost in the Holocaust, and through a dramatization experience what a child might say to her mommy right up to week twelve …

How Do You Respond to Isaiah?

Sitting at your window on life what do you see? As you review history past and the implications for the future … just watching the nightly news or reading the newspapers or blogs. When and how often does it occur to you that we are all connected and for some reason the world really doesn’t have to behave the way we do … think about that and watch here …

Regardless of your take on the video or those who composed the presentation, we should all be impressed. some have said it’s tasteless or offensive, but really if you were just moved to think … it did the job.

What else Gentiles might need to know is that our Jewish counterparts, co-inhabitants, and measurably valuble contributors to the human experience … many have never read Isaiah 53 … it’s time they do … and you right along with them.


(YouTube Link)

Peace Now? Holocaust No More?

This week we see two contrasting points regarding Israel and the prospect for world peace. First, we have every reason to believe a man of peace will broker some kind of solution regarding Israel. But there is more to it than peace now. Second, the reminder of the Holocaust brings equal weight to this picture … because based on Scripture, current events are unfolding along lines that are expected. Turmoil is still in the offing, according to what we read.

We are not making predictions here. The WindowView is more observational in nature, but then what we observe is rather awesome. Regarding peace, we find it refreshing and curious that President Obama’s second administration is now making the “big push” to broker a resolution. Why would now work more than before? We are watching, but also mindful that any significant move here may well fall deeper into biblical expectations … and wouldn’t that be remark-able!

But regarding the holocaust of nearly 7 decades ago, the prospect of a brokered peace in the Middle East brings events that remind us the the slogan of “Never Again” will have to wait out the turmoil that follows the peace accord. These words fit the scenarios that align with the end of our WindowView timeline. Visit our Timeline to see what those events are in a chronology that comes out of Scripture. This is mot of our making, it’s observational, simply because it was written before our generation arrived at this point in time.

Look out the window, think, and maybe do some study of your own. In the mean time, the headlines below do fall along the lines that being us to perspectives reaching the event horizon ahead.

HEADLINE: John Kerry visits Jerusalem to push for renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Secretary of State John Kerry worked Monday to corral Israeli and Palestinian leaders into a new and ambitious peace process that includes reviving parts of a long-dormant plan embraced by the Arab world a decade ago, officials said.

Kerry’s foremost goal is to restart direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that have hardly taken place at all over the last 4 1/2 years. And, in a break from previous American-led efforts, he also wants to focus on a modified version of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative.

HEADLINE: In Auschwitz, Israeli army chief vows to prevent a ‘second Holocaust’

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz on Monday led the March of the Living at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland and lit a torch in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Gantz vowed that Israel’s army would stand ready to protect the Jewish people from future danger and harm.

He was joined by Tel Aviv’s Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, himself a child survivor of the camp, and some 10,000 other participants, many of them young people, on the three-kilometer walk Monday afternoon.

“Each and every one of you — members of our nation and its friends, Jewish and non-Jewish alike — is the living proof of the victory of light; victory of morality; the triumph of Israel; that from the destruction of the Holocaust we grew stronger as a nation and as a people,” Gantz said in a speech.

HEADLINE: In Jerusalem and Ramallah, Kerry pushes peace

U.S. secretary of state said exploring 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, with greater security commitments and softer language on borders

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is looking to breathe new life into dormant Mideast peace talks in meetings Monday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli and Palestinian officials, amid talk of modifying a decade-old Arab plan that’s long been greeted with skepticism by the Jewish state.

A day after meeting one-on-one with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Kerry spent the morning of Israel’s Holocaust memorial day at Yad Vashem, laying down a red, white and blue wreath at the nation’s official monument for the 6 million Jews murdered during World War II. He was to meet privately Monday with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Israeli President Shimon Peres, before a dinner with Netanyahu and other Israeli officials.

HEADLINE: Kerry Offers P.A. ‘Incentives’ to Restart Peace Talks

Secretary of State John Kerry began his second visit to Israel Sunday afternoon in Ramallah, where he reportedly offered Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas incentives to restart negotiations with Israel, the P.A.’s official Ma’an News Agency reported Sunday.

According to the report, Kerry offered the following incentives:
· Ensure Israel will not withhold future tax revenues
· Extend P.A. jurisdiction in Area C, which is currently under full Israeli sovereignty under the terms of the Oslo Accords.
· Allow Palestinians to build “more freely” in Area C

Abbas also reportedly demanded the release of all Palestinian prisoners engaging in hunger strikes.

Meanwhile, Ma’an says Abbas told President Obama last month there would be no return to negotiations without a “settlement freeze.” He also reportedly said Netanyahu must present a map showing the final borders of a future state before talks can resume. Abbas wants Netanyahu to agree on 1967 borders and also is demanding the release of Palestinian prisoners engaged in hunger strikes.

HEADLINE: Afghanistan: Taliban Kill Six Americans, including State Dept. diplomat

On Saturday, Taliban militants killed six Americans, including a young female diplomat in the deadliest day in Afghanistan for the U.S. in eight months. Three members of the military, two U.S. civilians and an Afghan doctor died after being hit by an explosion while travelling to donate books to a school in the south.

In a statement, Secretary of State John Kerry paid tribute to Anne Smedinghoff, a 25-year-old foreign service officer with the U.S. State Department, who was killed in the “despicable attack” in the province of Zabul. The Illinois woman is the first American diplomat to die on the job since last year’s attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

The world is not in a peaceful state. Global change, especially the now obvious shifts due to climate change are NOT being attended to by a collaborative effort of all nations. Economies are resting on shifting sand. We are looking at an event horizon that approaches, but humanity is not looking beyond its nose … and yet we at the window have certain expectations for what that means. Science, Change, Harmony, and Time are panes of glass in the window … Take a look.


Holocaust: Time Line, March of Life, March of Remembrance

We are long enough past the holocaust of World War II and some just can’t fathom the evil of Adolf Hitler … but if you want to forget what happened, then history is bound to repeat itself … a concern to all … Jew and Gentile alike!


Not seeing the inherent repetition of hatred, antisemitism specifically, from Israel’s neighbors, especially Iran. The claims to put an end to Israel are loud to the point we ALL hear them. But will the world be in denial?


We have added something new to the WindowView … first you can watch as a time line video gives an account of what really happened to yield the Holocaust of World War II.

After that … watch a video as Ted Pearce, a Messianic Song Artist, sings and makes introductory comments to a March of Remembrance and after that the next video about the March of Life as presented by Pastor Jobst Bittner.  What you need to know is, there are Germans alive today that do not want the world to forget or ignore what happened in their country and in Europe during World War II.  The human soul and spirit is impacted even today as a following generation discovers what fathers and grandfathers were involved in during the war.

Click here to watch the time line, see Ted sing and present his video on the March of Remembarnce, and also watch Jobst Bittner describe how the March of Life now spans the globe.

The benefit is healing, reconciliation, and telling a story to those who may be unaware of the gravity of what the Holocaust really means to us who are alive today.  Click on the images above to visit the WindowView page on REMEMBRANCE.