Help for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

The following post presents the words from a friend who is working with Operation Blessing International. We are providing Jennifer’s personal account. For additional information we refer you to Operation Blessing Intl.‘s website.


I have been working with the Syrian refugees in Jordan for about the past year now. We just recently went to Jordan on Sept 9th. These are some pictures I took. The situation in Jordan is severe and that does not count Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and other countries where they are fleeing. To hear their stories up close and personal is heartbreaking. The people have fled with NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING. We are trying to raise money to help them. My boss was here and he is a filmmaker so he took video. You will be able to see that in a few days on


From listening to these stories, even if the US did something to deter the situation of the systematic killing of the Syrians, it would be worth it. Sometimes you have to put your comfort/thoughts/resources aside to help those in need and to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Social justice is a major theme in the bible throughout the prophets. I am in a position to change the situations of the refugees and I am going to do my best to make that happen.

Jennifer’s Coworker Providing Support


IMG_7649jaOf note, what you might not expect … The Israeli’s and I are working together on this. Yes, the Israelis want to help the Syrians and I am here to tell you that it is happening more than you know and more than you will hear.


At this point we have delivered food, clothing, blankets to the refugees about 7,500 so far. We are working to meet the ongoing needs of Refugees as the come across the border with absolutely nothing. The take their family which could be as many as 12-20 people in one family and cross the border overnight. They come into the towns and villages looking for shelter and food. The UN camp is to capacity at 120,000 people. The UN is trying to build two more camps but in the mean time, the refugees overflow into the towns to stay in abandoned buildings, with families or anywhere they can find. You can see UN tents scattered around northern Jordan, one here, two there, a few clustered together. We were taken to one makeshift camp of 25 families, about 160 people. They were telling us that we were the only people who had come to help them. No one else has come. We supplied them with food and the returned with 100 blankets the next day. 


As you stand face to face with these people who are soldiers, teachers, bakers, people of every kind you can’t help but think, “if I were in your shoes what would I want you to do for me?” The only answer I can come up with is to change their situation in any way possible. That means food, water, medication, shelter, work, any type of provision is something. Each one of these areas is being considered as we address those who want to help in this situation. The winter is coming and in northern Jordan it is already cool at night. The terrain is dry and open so the wind cuts across the area and it does get very cold.


The winter is coming and in northern Jordan it is already cool at night. The terrain is dry and open so the wind can come across the area and it does get cold.  I met a few women who have newborns that they gave birth to in their tents. There is no food, no milk, no supplies for the children. They have only a little when it comes to clothing. They are stranded in a situation that needs to be changed.

There is no food, no milk, no supplies for the children. I am working with Arabs, Christians and Jews to assist the Syrians. We have cut across the political, social and religious aspects of this situation to get to the heart of the matter – meet the needs of the refugee.

Isaiah 58:6-10 speaks of a true fast and if you see the hungry to feed him, the naked to clothe them, to provide shelter for the poor wanderer with shelter. We cannot sit idly by while these people suffer. It is our duty as human beings to respond and show that we do care and that we can change the situation.


We at believe that the larger picture on what is happening and will happen in the Middle East requires the compassion, understanding, and love that the Heavenly Father provides to all. If inspired, please visit Operation Blessing Intl.‘s website and consider how you might help. At the very least, be aware that the popular media hardly reports the complete story of events in the Middle East. Here are pictures from the full view.



Photo Credit and Permission granted by Jennifer Allen © 2013 all rights reserved


Rosh Hashanah Presentation for All of Us!

This post is being composed on the eve of Rosh Hashanah.

The video link here to a Messianic perspective is kind of an all inclusive way of learning about this High Holy Day and the extensive biblical application–even to both Jew and Gentile.

If this presentation is of interest, there are also other articles and videos on related holy days, including Yom Kippur, which comes soon after Rosh Hashanah.

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Rosh Hashanah Video Page

Rosh Hashanah Video Page

l’shana tova!



Rosh Hashanah Rapture Mystery?

We speculate, but you can read more and think about the possibility that the time of year when there will be a rapture of saints to join the Lord, Yeshua, comes at this time of the High Holy Days cycle.

Is the Rapture a Jewish High Holy Day Event?

Is the Rapture a Jewish High Holy Day Event?

Read our WindowView article here! L’Shana Tova! …  Happy New Year! Director,

unChristian Faith Refresher

The title above is one of this things that reads the opposite of the underlying intention. A book entitled “unChristian” is the inspiration of this post. But read the book and you will be sobered by multiple realities, for those who hold to biblical faith and those who have put faith in Bible as a mere side note to life.

Further below we provide an image of the book cover and a link to the book at Amazon. Take a look and read the reviews if you like.


The majority of the text to unChristian addresses a rather in-depth assessment of Christianity in language most Westerners would find familiar. But the revelations come by marketing analyses and surveys of young persons and then place that in the context of society today.

Bottom line to all this might be stated, at least in one way, as: “Bible believers and those outside the faith are both in trouble. Both are not on sound footing. Christians need to hold to the real core values of their faith and this means putting love in place of the “anti-this and anti-that” opinions that outsiders have of Christians. What’s worse, but not having a factual example to refer to, outsiders are not getting real information that should garner true attention to what biblical faith is, really is.”

Getting facts straight works in all directions. Misperceptions are often hard to correct, unless good examples come along.


There is a ‘window perspective’ we have to all this.  And this comes from the Bible itself. In the last book there are seven letters delivered to seven churches (and to be clear the English word church really should be translated as ‘group of believing people,’ because at the time the letters were written these groups included both Jew and Gentile … whose faith was based on Messiah). The last letter typifies where we are on Earth today, in that many who profess to be believers are neither hot or cold. Being lukewarm is not acceptable.

And this is where we are today. Many believers are lukewarm. Many non-believing (non-Christian, non-Messianic, secular, atheist, agnostic, etc.) are lukewarm (to more than to just biblical core values).

In the weeks to come will add new pages that address factual information that is illustrated in ‘unChristian.’ Until we do, we wish to leave the believing community (those who declare a faith in Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus) with points for a refresher.


What might believers focus on to tighten their focus on faith.  The following seven elements are from the book:

– worshipping God intimately and passionately

– engaging in spiritual friendships with other believers

– pursuing faith in the context of family

– embracing intentional forms of spiritual growth

– serving others

– investing time and resources in spiritual pursuits

– having faith-based conversations with outsiders

(p78, unChristian)



The world has grown ever more complex and confused. The focus on faith has blurred as social issues stray from a morality that was clearly evident in previous generations. To distinguish oneself today may make us feel a bit odd, but that’s because the world at large is on a tangent. It’s not good news what’s going on in the world. What is good news is being a part of what transforms us daily and what becomes a good example to those around us. That example removes negativity about faith and sheds light on the real promise for life.



The Seventh Letter … from Revelation 3:14-22:   14* “And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write, ‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God:  15* “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot.  16* “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.  17* “Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’ –and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked–  18* “I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.  19* “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent   20* “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. 21* “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. 22* “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”’”

unChristian Faith Refresher is co-posted on our companion blog




Talmud and Evidence Related to Messiah

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Some time ago we were informed that the Talmud contained some very interesting passages.  If you reflect on what the Bible says, both in the Tanach ( Covenant, Hebrew Bible) and the New Covenant, these passages make perfect sense and are a testimony to Messiah having appeared to the Jewish people. He came for a time, then left. What happened after he left is astounding.

Come visit our page on Talmudic evidence for the Messiah of Israel!

The Talmud Describes  Wonderful Events

The Talmud Describes Wonderful Events

In the coming weeks we are going to challenge visitors to experience more of the window. Typically, visitors hit on a page or two without really appreciating the larger concept of WindowView.  We will tell you more about that challenge here in the coming .



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July 10 in a Hot Hot Political State of Conflicted Peoples

The past several months only bring the most fascinating headlines. Trouble in Egypt make the verses of Isaiah 19 leap off the page. And while economic conditions in Europe and the US hang by a thread of government supports, oil prices rise like a Middle East barometer foretelling more complications to come.

Like they say … It’s of biblical proportions!
Hey, take a look … Right there … Outside your window …

—————- from ———
HEADLINE: After a pre-dawn strike, Syria naval base blast points to Israeli raid

Foreign forces destroyed advanced Russian anti-ship missiles in Syria last week, rebels said on Tuesday – a disclosure that appeared to point to an Israeli raid.

Qassem Saadeddine, spokesman for the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council, said a pre-dawn strike on Friday hit a Syrian navy barracks at Safira, near the port of Latakia. He said that the rebel forces’ intelligence network had identified newly supplied Yakhont missiles being stored there.

“It was not the FSA that targeted this,” Saadeddine told Reuters. “It is not an attack that was carried out by rebels.

“This attack was either by air raid or long-range missiles fired from boats in the Mediterranean,” he said.

HEADLINE: EUN calls on Hezbollah to end involvement in Syrian conflict

The UN Security Council called on Lebanese Hezbollah militants on Wednesday to end any involvement in the conflict in neighboring Syria, while Lebanon’s UN envoy pledged that his country would keep its borders open to Syrians fleeing the violence.

Hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters to help Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces combat rebels, according to Israeli and Western estimates. Israel is now boosting its forces on the Syrian border, where it believes Hezbollah is preparing for the day when it could fight Israel.

“The Security Council calls upon all Lebanese parties to recommit to Lebanon’s policy of disassociation, to stand united behind President Michel Sleiman in this regard and to step back from any involvement in the Syrian crisis,” the UN body said.

HEADLINE: Egypt pushes transition, naming prime minister; Saudis and UAE promises $8 billion, oppose Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s military-backed interim leader named a new prime minister and won $8 billion in promises of aid from wealthy Arab allies in the Gulf on Tuesday in moves aimed at stabilizing a political transition less than a week after the army deposed the Islamist president.

The armed forces warned political factions that “maneuvering” must not hold up its ambitious fast-track timetable for new elections next year. The sharp message underlined how strongly the military is shepherding the process, even as liberal reform movements that backed its removal of Mohammed Morsi complained that now they are not being consulted in decision-making.

The Muslim Brotherhood denounced the transition plan, vowing to continue its street protests until ousted Morsi, the country’s first freely elected president, is returned to power.

HEADLINE: Is Egypt heading for holy war?

Away from the troublespots, life for millions of Egyptians continues as normal. Egypt’s most fundamental problems are more economic than political.

But in a week when the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood called for “an uprising by the great people of Egypt against those trying to steal their revolution with tanks”, when dozens were killed in clashes between the army and Islamists and when the grand sheikh of al-Azhar warned of a civil war, an awkward question hovers in the air.

Is Egypt now prone to a new “holy war” fought by Islamists against the authorities?

HEADLINE: As in the days of Noah and Lot: White House to name new liaison to Jewish community, a LGBT activist and point man

Lawyer Matt Nosanchuck has served as LGBT pointman in Justice Department, was active in crafting Obama’s gay rights agenda

The White House is set to name Matt Nosanchuk, a lawyer who has been prominent in advancing the Obama administration’s gay rights policies, as its new full-time Jewish liaison.

From 2009 to 2012, Nosanchuk was a top staffer in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, where he helped shape the Obama administration’s response to a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act. That challenge last month successfully nullified the act, extending federal rights to same-sex couples.

All of the above ‘smack of truth’ from a biblical perspective. The last headline is troubling because no God fearing person hates anyone, but at the same time cannot reject God’s leading. So really, WHAT is Kosher? If men or women of this era ‘burn with passion’ for the same sex … Then the biblical account that such would be a sign of the end times … is now here. So read this as an observation of what the Bible foretells in prophecy and then you can see why the organization that prepared the headline refers to the days of Noah. If a gay person is convicted by God’s will, then all the better. But a leader of the free world who calls himself Christian and then does what is contrary to Torah … well, you think about that … again, we are just pointing out the obvious.

All together … All these headlines ‘smack’ of end time truths. These headlines are fantastic … Amazing! And if you aren’t sure why we’d say this … it would be a good time to unravel the web of information the Bible holds inside.

But again, we are just making observations … you can look through the window and see for yourself!


Missiles Over Middle East Rattle Like Sabers

Escalation is evident in several ways. Peace talks are ongoing while Russia arm one side and NATO countries arm the other. Again, it’s no win because the victor will be troublesome at best and then the focus will turn on Israel again … more war.

Scripture has something to say about all this.

From the window … none of the headlines below is really a surprise.

——– from ———
HEADLINE: PA Negotiator: Kerry’s Chances Slim to Revive Peace Process

The chances of success of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s current efforts to resume the peace talks with Israel are slim, Palestinian negotiator Nabil Sha’ath said Wednesday.

“Kerry is still unable to put pressure on the Israeli government to meet its obligations under the terms of the peace process,” Shaath, a member of the Fatah Central Committee and the Palestinian negotiating team with Israel, told the Palestinian Authority’s Voice of Palestine radio station.

HEADLINE: Abbas urged to drop demand for settlement freeze

The Palestinian Authority’s president has told advisers that as the US tries to restart Mideast peace talks, he is under intense international pressure to return to negotiations with Israel and drop demands for a Jewish settlement freeze in the West Bank, officials said Wednesday.

In a closed meeting, Mahmoud Abbas lamented his difficult choice: rebuff the Americans and alienate Washington, or cave in and face an uproar at home.

Aides say Abbas expects a formal proposal to renew talks from US Secretary of State John Kerry in coming weeks.

HEADLINE: Israel says will act to prevent S-300 missile systems from becoming operational

Israel’s National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror sketched out what Jerusalem’s “red line” is vis-à-vis the S-300 missile systems Russia intends to send to Syria before the 27 European Union ambassadors in Israel.

Two diplomats who were in the room during the briefing last Thursday, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the meeting was a closed event, said that Amidror stressed Israel will act “to prevent the S-300 missiles from becoming operational” on Syrian soil.

“We understood from Amidror that the Israeli government thinks the missile transfer cannot be prevented, therefore it will act against them after the transfer but before they become operational,” one of the diplomats said.

HEADLINE: Syria promises ‘immediate retaliation’ if Israel strikes again

Israeli infantry soldiers take part in unit exercises in the Israeli annexed
Golan Heights near the border with Syria on May 27, 2013.
(photo: AFP)

Syria’s foreign minister warned on Wednesday that Syria “will retaliate immediately” if Israel strikes Syrian soil again. Earlier this month, Israeli warplanes allegedly struck near the Syrian capital, Damascus, targeting purported Iranian missiles intended for Bashar Assad’s ally Hezbollah, a Lebanese militia.

In an interview with the Lebanese TV station Al-Mayadeen, Walid Moallem also insisted Assad will remain Syria’s president at least until elections in 2014 and might run for another term, terms that will make it difficult for Syria’s opposition to agree to UN-sponsored talks on ending Syria’s civil war.

HEADLINE: Deepening diplomatic crisis between Israel, Russia over arms to Assad

Daily Beast reports Obama administration orders Pentagon to prepare plans to impose a no-fly zone over Syria • Russia says it will go ahead with sale of S-300 anti-aircraft system to Syria • Ya’alon: If S-300 reaches Syria, we will know what to do.

HEADLINE: Russia: Our missile sale to Assad will deter ‘hotheads’ from intervening

Russia’s deputy foreign minister said Tuesday Moscow would deliver advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, as planned, in order to deter unnamed “hotheads” from turning the civil war there into an international conflict.

HEADLINE: Iran’s presidential candidates clash over nuclear approach

Western powers are watching the June 14 election in Iran to see whether President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s successor will set a new tone in talks that have so far failed to defuse tensions over the country’s nuclear program.
Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone for all people
Zechariah 12:3

The God of Israel will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem
Zechariah 12:9
So, what comes next? In fact, the Chinese are stealing military secrets and arming themselves with the fruit of cyber-labors. What comes of that? In the end of the current era scenario, the new weapons will come to bear on the Middle East … you can read about that in the book that is a revelation!



Slow March To Peace? Turmoil Continues …

The following news clips are offered as is and for the sake of finding a pulse on recent events in the Middle East and on the moral pulse that characterizes the day. If you are well studied, you know that what leads up to peace in Jerusalem also opens another scriptural chronology. If you don’t believe it, well so be it for you. If you’ve studied it, it’s news that inches toward a huge change on the planet.  Therefore, each day we sit at our window to observe.  Events unfold at the pace they do, but a push, anew, for peace in the Middle East is now upon us. We are interested to see what comes next.


News from May 20


HEADLINE: Kerry to arrive in Israel to push for negotiations

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will arrive for another visit to the region this week, as part of significant efforts to renew the peace process. Kerry will land in Israel this Tuesday and spend two days there. During his visit, he will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as senior Israeli officials in Jerusalem.

HEADLINE: Lapid calls for interim peace deal with Palestinians

Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid says U.S. should push three-year plan to realize final border agreement for Palestinian state. He believes that reaching a final peace agreement with the Palestinians is unrealistic at the current time and the sides should instead pursue an interim arrangement.

HEADLINE: Yair Lapid Interview with New York Times

In his first interview to foreign press since taking office, Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid acknowledged that tens of thousands of Jews would someday be uprooted from what he described as “remote settlements” in the West Bank, something he called “heartbreaking.” But he said that problem should be set aside for now, advocating the immediate creation of an interim Palestinian state in parts of the West Bank where no Jews live, with final borders drawn in perhaps three, four or five years. Palestinian leaders have roundly rejected temporary borders.

Lapid said he would not stop the so-called “natural expansion” of settlements in the West Bank, nor curtail the financial incentives offered to Israelis to move there. He said the large swaths of land known as East Jerusalem that Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 war and later annexed must stay Israeli because “we didn’t come here for nothing.”

HEADLINE: Lapid:  Final status agreement with Palestinians unrealistic

To allay Palestinian concerns, Lapid told the Yedioth Ahronoth daily that U.S. President Barack Obama should set a three-year timeline for determining the final borders of a Palestinian state. As a gesture to the Israelis, he also called on Obama to endorse the position laid out by President George W. Bush in 2004, allowing Israel to keep some of the Jewish settlements it has built in Judea and Samaria.

HEADLINE:  Lapid urges PM to secure his ‘place in history’ by making peace, hails Fayyad’s vision of Palestinian state

In remarks left out of a New York Times interview, Finance Minister Yair Lapid praised outgoing Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s concept of Palestinian statehood, said Israel and the Palestinians need American help toward a peace agreement, and advised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make peace a priority to secure his “place in history.”

HEADLINE: Abbas:  Netanyahu must choose between settlements and peace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “must choose between building settlements and negotiating peace,” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Friday at a press conference in Cairo.

“Israel can easily leave settlements, as it has in the past. Israel gave up settlements in Sharm el-Sheikh and the Sinai, and removed 20 of them in just 24 hours,” Army Radio quoted Abbas as saying.

HEADLINE: Your passport cannot be renewed, FM tells ministers

The ongoing labor dispute between Foreign Ministry employees and the Finance Ministry has ground the issuance of diplomatic passports to a halt. As a result, cabinet ministers have been denied the necessary documentation for official travel abroad.

In the case of Tzipi Livni, this means she might not be able to attend upcoming peace talks with her Palestinian counterparts.

HEADLINE: Russia knows exactly what the fuss is about

By insistently arming Assad, and with increasingly sophisticated air defenses, a disingenuous Moscow risks heating the northern border to boiling point.

The four-part reasoning Lavrov advances: (1) Russia’s arms sales credibility would be shattered were it to renege on the deal; (2) Russia has never made any secret of its various contracts with Assad; (3) these are defensive missile systems, not offensive weapons; and (4) the sales are not in breach of international law or Russia’s own ostensibly stringent arms sales regulations.

HEADLINE: Report:  Syria aims half-ton warhead missiles at Tel Aviv

Sunday Times reports the deployment of Syria’s advanced Tishreen missile batteries, which carry 500-kilogram (1100-pound) warheads and have standing orders to fire at Tel Aviv if Israel carries out any military strike on Syrian territory.

Responding to a report in The Sunday Times suggesting that Syria has prepared its most advanced missiles to hit Tel Aviv if Israel launches a strike on its territory, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday that Israel was prepared for any scenario.

HEADLINE: Netanyahu:  We’ll continue to halt Syrian arms transfers

Amid escalating rhetoric between Jerusalem and Damascus in the wake of reported Israeli airstrikes in Syria, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Sunday to continue to act to prevent advanced weaponry from being transferred to Lebanese terror group Hezbollah via Syria.

“The Israeli government has acted responsibly and prudently to ensure the security of Israeli citizens and to prevent advanced weapons from reaching Hezbollah and [other] terrorist organizations… and we will do so in the future,” Netanyahu said during the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.


Additional Headlines May 23, 2013


HEADLINE:  US ‘pressures’ Israel with diplomat at settlement hearing

In what left- and right-wing groups are interpreting as a display of US pressure on Israel, an American diplomat appeared at the Supreme Court in Jerusalem on Wednesday to listen to the government’s argument in favor of legalizing four unauthorized West Bank outposts.

Andrew Schut, a representative at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv , attended the session, during which the court debated a petition by the left-wing settlement watchdog Peace Now to evacuate Givat Assaf and five other outposts that they argue are illegal according to international law.

Schut’s appearance in court came less than a week after US Secretary of State John Kerry contacted Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren “to protest the planned legalization of four West Bank outposts,” including Givat Assaf, in the wake of the government’s announcement that it intended to legalize them.

HEADLINE:  Kerry made angry call to Israeli Ambassador Oren over outposts last Thursday

Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly made an angry phone call to Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren in protest of government plans to legalize four West Bank outposts that had previously been set for demolition.

HEADLINE: Erekat throws his weight behind Kerry’s bid to revive talks

The top Palestinian negotiator with Israel on Monday threw his weight behind US Secretary of State John Kerry’s bid to revive stalled peace talks. Kerry is due to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah on Thursday and Friday. Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told a UN committee in New York on Monday that a settlement freeze and the release of Palestinian prisoners were not conditions for returning to negotiations, but rather obligations that Israel must fulfill.

HEADLINE: Government rifts over peace process revealed during Knesset committee meeting

While Minister Livni said at the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that the government’s goal is to restart negotiations, other coalition members insisted a two-state solution was never an official government position. The committee discussion lasted more than two hours.

HEADLINE: Officials warn of Syria conflict quickly spiraling out of control

IDF Chief of General Staff Benny Gantz toured the Golan near the border with Syria Tuesday, and told lawmakers that tensions in the north could quickly devolve into war.

Other senior officials echoed his worries, with Home Front Defense Minister Gilad Erdan warning that it was only a matter of time before major Israeli cities started getting pounded by rockets.

——— Added Commentary at Watch.Org —————

Another ‘Isaiah 5:20’ moment for Obama:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light,

and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter

Jay Carney’s White House press briefing, May 22, 2013:

Make very clear that he [Obama] has zero tolerance for sexual assault in the military and that he believes that those who participate in it dishonor the uniform they wear, and that those who are victims of it and who wear the uniform should know that the Commander-in-Chief has their backs.


Obama has had a major roll in LGBT and ‘don’t ask, don’t tell:’

Speaking of dishonoring the uniform

No earthly leader has done more to promote the immoral LGBT agenda than US President Barack Obama.


‘Koenig’s Eye View from the White House’ – May 17, 2013 [NOTE: … for more stop by the web site at:]

 Obama under judgment? – Five of his recent ‘sin proclamations, endorsements and actions’ corresponded with three major crises …. Chronology of Obama’s activities and corresponding events … Could this be the beginning of much more? …. John Kerry betting on the wrong horses … Russia-Israel tension worsening … Iran’s plans to take over Syria …Iran agents training to storm Israel’s border… Russia sending top air-defense system to Assad … Analysis of Russia’s S-300 system … Intervention in Syria: Three things to know …. Ground-based laser systems against rockets ….. Watch out for Petraeus in Benghazi scandal …. Tolerating totalitarianism

Inspired by God

“The men who have done the most for God in this world have been early on their knees. He who fritters away the early morning, its opportunity and freshness, in other pursuits than seeking God will make poor headway seeking Him the rest of the day. If God is not first in our thoughts and efforts in the morning, He will be in the last place the remainder of the day.” – E. M. Bounds

————— And From the WindowView ——————–

We post these news clips at because each helps to characterize the series of current events that characterize something important.  On the one hand, if you are mining the Scriptures for information and detail, aside from any religious context, you will be noting how events in Israel are the crossroads leading to the future.  And further, commentary on any moral condition that leaves God out of one’s mind, is also part of the fabric that is woven into the daily lives of everyone, whether they are thinking about the issues or even in disagreement … he context in which we live our lives is changing … to see it … look out the window … what is in view? Think about it! Maybe you will need to respond in some way personally, after all the window we are referring to is YOUR window and what you SEE!