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Convergence Update
February 2012

One of the major intents of WindowView is to point to a convergence of global events that is expected based on building trends. We call these global driving forces--both physical and spiritual, as you will observe here.

After each of the following points illustrating current convergent trends, we offer video clips posted here in early 2012. Read the short passages and then see the reality of two different angles and unique views that describe how humanity today is being wedged into a dilemma defined by convergence.

Scientific - Environmental Perspective:

One trend is humanity's inability to address the decline in the earth's environment. Humans debate cause, effect, and even if such a concern is real ... all the while humans are engaged in undoing global ecosystems, disrupting food webs, depleting natural resources, and altering environmental quality.

Might we have arrived at a point past the optimal time for humanity to be globally engaged in a stewardship that "saves planet earth." This is not our opinion, all you need do is look ... ask yourself what the data say ... not what people say the data mean ... but what the data tell us in real time ... look and just see what is so. Humanity is not "about the business" of getting ahead of the decline, the markets move forward, progress is measured in market gain without sustainable measures for the generations to come.

In the realm of scientific data, we have a perspective now of knowing what's coming, but not globally responding. The driving force here is not one of needing to save the planet, if in our corporate disregard and neglect we are engaged in other ideological pursuits ... and that we address further down this page ... all driving forces act simultaneously. It's a complex matrix, perhaps beyond human control.

This video is a short excerpt, used for our research purposes, from a PBS television series entitled "Journey to Planet Earth." We encourage a visit to the web site to see more about this TV presentation. Listen to what Lester Brown says in the summary portion of the show:

Biblical Time Line Perspective:

One other major trend we see in the window concerns a story line foretold in Scripture. Here too, we have arrived at a most serious point in the biblical time line. The Bible clearly indicates that over time humanity arrives at a point where nations will turn against Israel. What you will see next is that is happening now.

In the 1970's a popular book entitled "The Late Great Planet Earth," by Hal Lindsey, addressed the conditions in the Middle East and what prophecy was saying about a future trend that leads nations to turn against Israel. You need not read Mr. Lindsey's book to see that recent events called "The Arab Spring," reveal a very real trend toward this same result. We are saying this has been anticipated both in Bible and popular paperback texts.

Convergence is our way of saying humanity is in trouble of its own making and no one is really able to turn the tide in favor of a better result ... at least earthly governments are presently unable to do so.

Are governments wholly engaged in planetary concerns? Why bother with such a small nation (Israel)? Aren't there more important issues that affect all humanity and the globe overall? Really, doesn't the fuss that distracts us from what is important to human welfare, in the name of some other nationalistic distraction tell us something? The biblical perspective has addressed this thousands of years ago ... for such a time as this!

Watch the following video, which we offer only for research purposes, to address the very real and present trend in the Middle East. After this clip, we will summarize with a brief comment below.

The WindowView web pages first appeared on the web back in the mid-1990s. The basic idea of convergence arose from scientific meetings where the idea of a growing global environmental crisis was beginning to take hold. And to be clear, some of the crisis is natural, while a much of the cause is human in origin as well. Call it the fruit of our environmental sins.

While material being is scientifically the subject of today, the spiritual facet to being is also well within the window's view. Look. Scriptural themes have matured and appear on the horizon.

Nations are rising up against nations ... this does not bring peace ... nor does it solve the global problems ... that is the crossroads of convergence ... and time is running out.

Convergence is an observation of truth. The trends present driving forces. Forces move humanity along time. The Bible is the only data source that explains where we are headed. Take a look, see the convergence of trends, look out the window to see what is clearly before you. Then, make a decision!

You have arrived at the awakening that convergence brings.

Convergence illustrates where driving forces are pushing humanity ... to a known event horizon ... you can know what is on the horizon, if you look!

Life brings us to the question of purpose!

You are here to make that decision.
That is the what to why you are here.

Do you see where this is leading humanity ... leading you?


For other accounts of recent events in the Middle East, we recommend a look at updates from David Dolan (our index of his newsletters are listed by date)

The window looks to both scientific and biblical information that is complex, intricate, and focused. On one hand the human dilemma puts us at a material crossroads with material choices. Beyond this is a spiritual crossroads that puts before us a window to the eternal ... and there we face a logic that describes why we here in the first place.

Science, faith, information, a look at unique perspectives ... all bring the window together ... but only for those willing to look, think, reason, and consider how this all affects each one of us personally.

The Thesis on Convergence is the big picture where all driving forces point to a choice based on science and faith, scientific and theistic information in the larger window framework, where you ultimately make a personal decision based on all that you see. Look, think, and discern!

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